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Kahuka Featured in Marie Claire

Kahuka Flip Flops to our surprise and excitement, has been featured in Marie Claire's list of chic sandals to see you through the summer  See the article here, we're number 6https://www.marieclaire.co.uk/fashion/shopping/summer-sandals-the-marie-claire-edit-216663 We were delighted when Marie Claire contacted us to ask if they could include Kahuka flip flops in their summer chic list, we were obviously only too happy to oblige.  We hope you're all enjoying your chic look this summer? You can now proudly wear you Kahuka flip flops knowing you're a fashion setter!  

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The Story Behind Kahuka Reds

We donate 10% of our profits from every purchase of Kahuka Red to the Children's hospital in Leeds that treats our son. We've kindly been getting some questions about the hospital and the cause we're supporting so we wanted to offer some further explanation  Which hospital is the donation made to? The donation goes to Leeds LGI children’s hospital. Specifically the haematology and oncology department that treats our son to help his rare blood disorder.  Here's more information on the hospital www.leedsth.nhs.uk/patients-visitors/our-hospitals/leeds-childrens-hospitalThe Haematology department www.leedsth.nhs.uk/a-z-of-services/leeds-cancer-centre/services/childrens-and-adolescent-oncology-and-haematology/services/haematology About our son's condition  in 2017 our son was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder (less than 1000 people in the UK suffer from the disorder in comparison to 5000 UK lottery millionaire winners - so he's very unlucky...

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Put your Kahuka Flip Flops to the test

When we built Kahuka flip flops we wanted them to be perfect for summer and your comfort to walk along the beach but we also wanted them to be just as useful whilst hiking in the mountains. Here's how we did it and the elements we thought of before building and selling Kahuka flip flops to you. Comfort:It was very important that the flip flops were comfortable in any situation so we invested a lot of time in making the straps and toe post soft to walk in without rubbing. We wanted them to be as comfortable walking short and long distances and suitable to fit people with feet that usually react to flip flops. We've yet to measure the...

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Why we think Kahuka flip flops are so special

It’s no surprise we’re slightly biased to our own flip flops after making what we think, is the best flip flop for women available to buy! But we’re always going to say that aren't we! So we wanted to share the magic of Kahuka with you and see if you agree if these reasons set us apart The Flip Flop We wanted to put a lot of effort into making the toe post and upper straps as soft as possible. We did this by creating the post and straps from a natural and breathable cotton fabric. Eco-Friendly Materials Kahuka has taken the decision that every one of our flip flops is created using only recycled rubber and eco friendly materials....

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