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Put your Kahuka Flip Flops to the test

When we built Kahuka flip flops we wanted them to be perfect for summer and your comfort to walk along the beach but we also wanted them to be just as useful whilst hiking in the mountains.

Here's how we did it and the elements we thought of before building and selling Kahuka flip flops to you.

It was very important that the flip flops were comfortable in any situation so we invested a lot of time in making the straps and toe post soft to walk in without rubbing. We wanted them to be as comfortable walking short and long distances and suitable to fit people with feet that usually react to flip flops. We've yet to measure the longest distance walked in Kahuka flip flops - there's a challenge for you! Recently a customer took them to the French Alps and were delighted they could walk in flip flops rather than heavy and hot hiking boots!

For you to be able to walk long distances it wasn't only the materials we had to research but also the impact on the soles of your feet. Kahuka Flip Flops has a special cushioning between the material your feet sits on and the recycled rubber. In between is cushioning that absorbs the pressure you place on your flip flop when it makes contact as you put your foot on the ground. The cushioning takes the force of the pressure which not only softens landing but also removes the pressure on your ankles, shins and knees as you walk. Hence the reason Kahuka Flip Flops is perfect to wear for long distances.

Sometimes flip flops can feel as though they're slightly dangerous footwear as you're walking on rough surfaces like rocky beaches, wet floors or footpaths so we made sure the recycled rubber gave you the grip you needed to confidently walk on every surface.

We've done this using two techniques: 1) most flip flops have very flat soles which doesn't offer any support to your feet so we wanted to create a flip flop that was more secure around your feet to prevent your feet slipping side to side as you walked on more adventurous surfaces and then 2) the recycled rubber we use on the sole of Kahuka flip flops creates a firm grip on surfaces your walking over so that as your feet lands on a surface it attaches itself securely to suddenly decrease the chances of slipping or sliding.

With so much research going into the comfort, cushioning and grip of Kahuka flip flops we're pleased they can be offered to you as a multi terrain, diverse weather condition flip flop.

We're willing to be challenged on this so if you have an up coming hike or an adventure planned where you think you can put Kahuka's to the test then get in contact and we'll see if we can work together

Put your Kahuka Flip Flops to the test!

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