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Welcome to Kahuka Flip Flops 🌸 Aloha!

We founded Kahuka Flip Flops after a trip to Hawaii five years ago when we were completely blown away by the spirit and good will of the island and everyone on it. The way we were made to feel so welcome on their island and the huge warmth of the all people, inspired me to run a business with the same ethos.

After five years we are pleased to finally share our Kahuka flip flops with you that’ve been built with the intention of bringing the Hawaiian vibes to our own island, the UK. Naturally we wanted them to be as comfortable as possible, so after thorough testing (using my wife to try on hundreds of different flip flops!) we found the perfect blend of strong, durable soles constructed from recycled rubber and memory foam to mould to your foot. We hope by wearing our flip flops people will also be inspired to embrace the true Hawaiian spirit of Aloha like we have.

Aloha is used for greetings and farewells and in expressing love and also has an even greater meaning, it is a way of life. Besides its common meanings, the word Aloha stands for all one needs to know to interact rightfully in the natural world. To Hawaiians it describes an attitude or way of life sometimes called "The Aloha Spirit" or "The Way of Aloha”.

Not only did we want to replicate this sentiment in our business and also the products we sell to our customers but we also now follow ‘Aloha’ in our day to day family life. Our son was recently diagnosed with an extremely rare and unfortunately, incurable blood disorder. As a family we have learnt to embrace the lessons we encountered on our holiday five years ago which has lead us to implement Aloha and everything it stands for within our business, our flip flops and also our family life.

So in true Hawaiian spirit we wish you a very warm welcome to our website and hope you enjoy the flip flops we have created for you to enjoy. Please feel free to get in contact and say hello or to share your own stories of Aloha. I look forward to bringing you more products as our business grows with your support


Tom Shaw

Charity: 10% of the sale of every pair of Kahukas Red is donated to research, support and care for children with rare blood disorders

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