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Why we think Kahuka flip flops are so special

It’s no surprise we’re slightly biased to our own flip flops after making what we think, is the best flip flop for women available to buy!

But we’re always going to say that aren't we! So we wanted to share the magic of Kahuka with you and see if you agree if these reasons set us apart

The Flip Flop

We wanted to put a lot of effort into making the toe post and upper straps as soft as possible. We did this by creating the post and straps from a natural and breathable cotton fabric.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Kahuka has taken the decision that every one of our flip flops is created using only recycled rubber and eco friendly materials.

Each year the western world will create 1.5 billion tyres which at some point will most likely find their way to landfill or worst, illegal dumping by the millions in our oceans which is having catastrophic impacts on our fish populations.

The use of recycled eco friendly materials actually costs more than us creating a non-eco friendly product. However we believe that a small extra cost today will save countless lives and meaningless habitat destruction tomorrow.


10% of the profits generated from the sale of the Kahuka Reds will be donated to children’s hospitals and research departments specialising in rare blood disorders.

A charity close to our heart since our son was recently diagnosed with an extremely rare and unfortunately, incurable blood disorder.

Our Promise

Your Kahuka will arrive on the next working day with no shipping cost and a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.


All our flip flops have been built with the spirit, good will and warmth of Hawaii and its islanders. After a trip 5 years ago to Hawaii we have embraced the philosophy of Aloha with everything we do in our business, how we treat our customers and at home in our family life with our son.

So hopefully you’ll agree with us when we say that our flip flops are pretty special. We’d love for you to give them a try and let us know what you think.



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